Console Tool

This CLI (command line interface) tool will assist you to get the skeleton implementation of extensions for Vtiger.

Jump Start

php -f vtlib/tools/console.php

Have a good time. Press CTRL+C to "quit".
Choose the options below:
1. Create New Module.
2. Create New Layout.
3. Create New Language Pack.
4. Create Test Language Pack.
5. Import Module.
6. Update Module.
7. Remove Module.
Enter your choice:

Create New Module

Enter your choice: 1
>>> MODULE <<<
Enter module name: MySandboxModule
Entity field (Name): name
Creating ...DONE.

Create New Layout



Create New Language Pack

Enter your choice: 3
>>> LANGUAGE <<<
Enter (languagecode_countrycode): kn_in
Creating ...DONE.

Import Module

Enter package path: /Downloads/
Importing ...DONE.


php -f vtlib/tools/console.php – –import=/Downloads/

Update Module

Enter package path: /Downloads/
Updating ...DONE.


php -f vtlib/tools/console.php – –update=/Downloads/

Remove Module

Enter package path: /Downloads/
Removing ...DONE.


php -f vtlib/tools/console.php – –remove=OthModule