Extensions Store

What is the need for extensions store?

App-Stores in mobile phones and recent desktop OSs have made installing apps as easy as a 1 click action.

In comparison, the process to install an extension in Vtiger CRM is unwieldy.

  1. There was no place within product to browse and install extensions. Users had to search on the web and find extensions listed on different sites.

  2. For purchasing paid extensions, users had to do it directly from the individual websites of the publishers.

  3. The process of downloading the zip file and installing the extension is error-prone.

Extensions Store is designed to bring the simplicity of mobile app-stores to Vtiger users.

What are the benefits of extensions store?

For Users:

  1. 1 click install of commercial or free apps

  2. Confidence that apps are verified

  3. Contact info of publisher is available to user to reach out for support

  4. See Ratings and Reviews of extensions

For Developers:

  1. Get More users for your free and commercial extensions

  2. View who purchased your apps

  3. See Monthly and Daily revenue reports

How do i publish an extension to be listed on Store?

Developers can signup and publish extensions from publisher portal (https://marketplace.vtiger.com)

How are payments handled?

Administrators should add payment method (major credit cards are accepted) in order to install commercial extensions. Vtiger relays the credit card details to Stripe.com and retains the customer id only ( Vtiger only stores the last 4 digits, expiry month & year of the card for reference).

Stripe is a reputed payment processor and confirms to Credit card industry privacy and security guidelines.

What are the fees for listing on the Extensions store?

There is no listing fee. You decide the price of your extension. You get 75% of the revenue.

How will the money be transferred to developer?

We are able to pay via paypal or through direct wire transfer (wiring fees will be deducted). The payment will be made monthly, within 15th of subsequent month.

Will Vtiger deduct Taxes?

We don’t anticipate the need to collect taxes on top of the extension fee, or withhold tax before sending payment to developer. If any taxes are applicable, it will be the responsibility of the developer to pay taxes.

Can I see who installed my extensions?

Yes. Name of the purchased user will be listed on the Publishers portal

Can I push updates to my extensions?

Yes. You can publish the updates via the publishers portal, and users will be alerted to the presence of an updated version of the extension.