Extensions Store Guidelines

1. Naming Guidelines


All Vtiger CRM extensions listed in the market place should follow these naming guidelines.

1.1 Extension names should not use Vtiger in the name, except as a qualifier at the end, i.e. “for Vtiger CRM.”

1.2 Extension names should not include “Edition” in the name, to prevent user confusion with an edition of Vtiger CRM.

1.3 Extension name should not match any core module bundled with Vtiger installation.

1.4 Extension name and identifier should be have unique short prefix that avoids collision with other extensions published.

2. Extension should be compatible with Module Manager


Only module manager extension will be approved. Please follow vtlib documentation for tips on building module manager compatible extensions.

2.1 Extension package should not include files that are malicious.

2.2 Extension should not overwrite any core / other module file during installation / runtime.

2.3 Extension should not change core / other module tables in database.

2.4 Extension should avoid exposing data to third-party services without user-acceptance.

2.5 Extension should avoid using direct database queries while working with records of its own or other modules. (Server APIs usage is recommended).

2.6 Extension should avoid using “vtiger_” or “com_” prefix for tables of its own. It is recommended to use unique shortname instead.

3. Proper Documentation for extension

3.1 Along with extension, you should send documentation for installation and usage which will help Vtiger team to review extension.

3.2 English Demo (with login credentials) of the working extension will speed up the review process.

4. Acceptance

4.1 Extension that does not follow above naming guidelines will not be accepted.

4.2 Extension with critical bugs will be not be accepted.

4.3 Extension without proper documentation will not be accepted.

4.4 Extension without thumbnail will not be accepted.

4.5 Extensions should not copy the functionality and UI of other extensions or services.

5. Extension Thumbnails

5.1 Thumbnail and Banner images can be used for promoting extension and suggest its feature or purpose.

5.2 Thumbnail and Banner images should not used as a medium to advertise company or any other products or services.

5.3 If company name or logo is included in image, it should be smaller than the other text on the image. The company name/logo should not be bigger than size 16px font in Thumbnail, and 22px in Banner.

5.4 Banner image will be used by Vtiger team to promote the extension in Extension Store, and through Promotional Ads inside Vtiger CRM. Vtiger team reserves the right to pick which extensions are promoted.

6. Extension Description

6.1 Description for the extension should describe the features of the extension.

6.2 Description supports Markdown syntax. Use h4 for section headings.

6.3 Description should not have any links to external pages, nor advertise any other products or services.

6.4 Company details should not be explained in the extension description. Use Author section for company details.

7. Other References


Important Note about Vtiger trademark

Publishers should also ensure that they are not violating Vtiger trademarks on their website content and website address. Hosting a Country Code top level domain carrying Vtiger in the name (ex: vtiger.in) is a violation of the trademark. Extensions published by violators will not be published until the issue has been addressed. Vtiger reserves the right to take followup action to protect the trademark.

8. Acceptance Criteria

8.1 Publishers should ensure extensions are testing for smooth installations

8.2 Functionality of extensions should be tested for admin and non-admin access.

8.3 Data access and security should …Using Server APIs is recommended to avoid pit-falls.