Release Notes

Version 7.1.0

  • Major version released to enhance stability of Vtiger 7.0 - addresses 200+ key functional issues and knocked off 500+ issues​of usability or inconsistent behaviour that were present in earlier versions.

Version 7.0.1

  • Minor version released to address blocker issues on Version 7.0.0

Version 7.0.0

Vtiger 7 UI Layout

New layout makes easy, smooth and sensitive navigation throughout the modules.

Private / Public tags

Tags are a way to organize your data in the ways that are more customized to your company. They are the most powerful tools which will differentiate the important records from the other records. Tags help you find records that are otherwise not easily searchable. (read tag-management)

Variable Taxes, Charges and Regions

Tax is a fee charged (“levied”) by a government on a product, income, or activity. After you define the tax rates in the CRM, they will be available for selection in Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders. (read tax-management)

Rollup Comments

You can view all the comments made on the related records directly from the Parent record. For example, In Organization view, comments made on the records of related modules such as Contacts, Cases, etc., is rolled up and a consolidated view is shown on Organization record’s comment tab. (read comments)

Splitting Edit action in Create / Edit action in roles / profiles

Profiles are used to control the user actions on CRM records. In addition, profiles are also used to restrict the users from accessing specific modules, fields, and tools such as import, export, etc. (read profiles)

Comment with attachments

Comments are a form of communication message added on a record. Users can view the comment and reply to it. You can also add files as an attachment while adding a comment to a record. The maximum upload size to the comment is limited to 5 MB. You can also set a workflow to send an email while a comment is added. (read comment-attachments)

Multiple dashboard tabs

Vtiger CRM offers different home page widgets that will provide graphical representation of current status and key performance indicators. As complete analysis of data is displayed on one single screen, you can monitor all decisions and conclusions at a glance. (read dashboard)

Picklist coloring

Picklist coloring is useful to differentiate one value to another value in View point. (read more)

App Menus

Left Menu helps you to place most frequently accessed modules on Module Navigator of a particular App. You can also rearrange them according to your requirements. (read app-menu)

Controlled sharing of Lists

Create lists to find and organize records based on a condition using Custom Filter. (read lists)

Custom Activity Type

Add module related data into widget in Calendar View. (read activity-widget)

Easier list views

Read lists.

Version 6.5.0


Version 6.4.0


  • Multiple Layout support added.


Version 6.3.0


  • RelatedList API added to Vtiger Web Services.


Version 6.2.0


  • Google Calendar api upgraded to support V3 api

  • Security fix for session hijacking

  • 200+ issues fixed.

Version 6.1.0


  • New app marketplace (Extension Store)

  • Search within ListView

  • Mass Edit for Documents

  • Workflow for Documents

  • Asterisk

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Click through Charts

  • RSS Widget

  • Our Sites

  • Custom Charts


  • PHP 5.4, 5.5 support

  • MySQLi support

Version 6.0.0


  • Modern UI with Usability in focus.

  • Record Summary View.

  • Module level dashboards.

  • Quick Global Search on record labels.

  • Easy to use Layout Editor with Drag and Drop ability.

  • Configuring fields in related lists.

  • Google Contact & Calendar Synchronization.

  • Linking opportunities/tickets to contacts and organizations.

  • ‘Can Assign Records To’ feature in Role.


  • Nested Condition Grouping in Filter with (AND/OR) now reduced to Flattened mode.

  • Report Sharing (all reports are public in 6.0. only accessible records are visible to user)

5.4.0 Features Missing

  • Asterisk (coming in 6.1)

  • Scheduled Reports (coming in 6.1)

  • Click through Charts (coming in 6.1)

  • RSS Widget (coming in 6.1)

  • Our Sites (coming in 6.1)

  • Custom Charts (coming in 6.1)

  • Gantt Charts in Projects (coming in 6.1)

  • Mail Merge (needs to be addressed through an extension later)

  • Chat feature (feature dropped as it is not very user friendly)