Contribute to Open Source Project

We respect your valuable time invested in helping us. Here are few different ways you can engage and contribute towards the product. Before you get started, make sure to register account at

File Issues

  • Ensure the bug is reproducible on the recent release or latest master.

  • Report the issue with detailed steps on reproducing / screenshots and dataset at

Submit Bug Fixes

  • Fork vtigercrm project

  • Update the files

  • Send merge request to the master

    • If the fix is specific to a report issue, mention the issue id on the merge request subject. (example: Fixes #1234 - subject of the issue …)

  • Vtiger release manager reviews and accepts the merge request to the master


Vtiger release manager will tag the master with the new version name, and makes the downloads available through this tag. The released versions are available at vtigercrm project tags

Develop Extensions