Community Discussion Guidelines


Vtiger hosts mailing lists and discussion forums to enable discussion and encourage public input. All mailing lists are archived online, and viewable by public.

These include but are not limited to the following.

Subscribing / Unsubscribing

All interested parties can join the discussions at or subscribe to the mailing list from the Subscription manager


It is the responsibility of each person to exercise informed caution when posting to Vtiger mailing lists or discussions site. Users should be aware that their messages will be publicly available in perpetuity through publicly accessible mailing list archives and related archiving projects.

  • Individuals are solely responsible for the content of their posts.

  • Messages must directly pertain to the list topic. Individuals are advised to review the purpose of each mailing list and select the single list that is most appropriate for the nature of their communications. Cross-posting to multiple mailing lists is discouraged and may be considered spam.

  • Posts should be made in plain text format in the body of the message. When necessary, HTML message format may be used, and email attachments may be included. Attachments should be provided in a non-proprietary format.

  • Individuals should not forward messages to Vtiger mailing lists without the permission of the original author(s).

Messages containing inappropriate content should not be distributed to Vtiger mailing lists. These include posts which are:
  • mass-distributed (spam)

  • unrelated to the topic of the mailing list

  • disrespectful or abusive in tone

  • commercial or overtly promotional - Signatures with links will be considered to be promotional.

  • Posts should not include email addresses considered private-use-only by their owners.

Those who post messages containing inappropriate content to Vtiger mailing lists may be permanently unsubscribed and restricted from future participation. Spam may be removed from list archives and subject to further action.

Searching and Browsing List Archives

All messages posted to Vtiger mailing lists are archived on

Requests to Edit Mailing List Archives

The archives serve as persistently accessible repositories, documenting the day-to-day email communications of the Vtiger community. To preserve the integrity of these historic records, messages posted to Vtiger mailing lists (with the possible exception of identified spam) are not removed or edited, except in cases of extreme need arising from legal threats or risk to physical safety.

Users of Vtiger mailing lists should consider the immediate as well as long-term effects of disclosing personal or sensitive information before posting. Vtiger is unable to consider requests to edit archives in order to change or remove personal contact information, decrease perceived vulnerability to spam, or avoid citation from search engines.

In exceptional cases, where an acute need to edit an Vtiger mailing list archive can be demonstrated in satisfactory detail, requests should be sent to for consideration by Vtiger team.


Suggestions that improve upon the above guidelines or which seek to add value to the Vtiger mailing list and discussions procedures are welcomed. Please send comments to